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November 23, 2011


Today I am someone you formed without you knowing, someone who took refuge in what I thought you liked. I changed thinking that someday I was going to impress you by this change. I know we lost touch but the hope that kept me up all this time was lost today. maybe today I finally removed the blindfold, that didn’t let me see how you got further away from me. I Don’t want to think that you have someone else by your side but I think it is like that. All this time, more than 2 years were not enough to forget you. thought of taking refuge that way, change and reconquer you when I meet you again.

why wasn’t it like that? …

Did I waste my time? I hope not. I am forced to drown in my own lake of hidden tears I’ve saved all this time. Do not look back and go, and I am nothing to you. I confused myself and I myself will have to pay for my confusion. Do not think it’s easy to forget you and I have spent a lot of time trying to but I am still the same as when fate separated us physicaly. You said that you would wait for me and my hope never left.

the promise was broken?

when was that, I never got the notice. I curse the day that I told you I would never stop loving you, from that day your name has been tattooed on me. I do not regret loving you but I do regret not learning to forget you and stop loving you. Somehow I survived all this time and somehow I’ll be able to resist all this I feel for you, and hopefully short will be the time that I learn to forget you, but apparently that will never happen. Are you happy? if you’re then I’m glad while my spirits fade away. we could have saved all this if I would have not known you, atleast it would hurt less to write this. If you decide to get away from me bury our promise as far way from me as possible.. I thought I was yours and you were mine, you said it yourself and now it’s only a memory and one more of your phrases that you use casually. damn my innosence that I once had and didn’t let me see the truth in you. Forget about me, go be happy, and live.


Hoy soy alguien que tu formaste sin saber, alguien que por refugiarse en aquello que pense que te gustaba, cambio pensando que algun dia te iba a gustar este cambio. se que perdimos contacto pero la esperanza que me mantenia firme la perdi hoy. tal vez hoy por fin me quite la venda de los ojos ke no me dejaba ver como te alejabas de mi. no quiero pensar que tienes a alguien mas a tu lado pero creo que asi lo es. todo este tiempo, mas de 2 anios, no fue suficiente para olvidarte. pense refugiarme de esa manera, cambiar y reconquistarte al verte de nuevo. 

por que no fue asi? … 

he desperdiciado mi tiempo? espero que no. me veo obligada ahogarme en mi propio lago de lagrimas escondidas que he guardado todo este tiempo. No mires atras y vete, ya no soy nada para ti. me confundi yo misma y yo misma pagare por mi confusion. no creo que sea facil olvidarme de ti ya paso mucho tiempo y sigo igual que el dia en que el destino nos separo fisicamente. dijiste que me esperarias y la esperanza en mi nunca se fue. 

la promesa se rompio? 

cuando que jamas supe. maldito el dia que te dije que jamas te iba dejar de amar, por que desde ese dia tu nombre sigue tatuado en mi. No me arrepiento de amarte pero si me arrepiento de no aprender a olvidarte y dejarte de amar. De algun modo sobrevivi todo este tiempo y de algun modo podre resistir todo esto que siento por ti, y espero ke sea corto el tiempo en que aprenda a olvidarte, pero parece que jamas llegara. eres feliz? 

si lo eres me alegro mientras mis animos se van apagando. Todo esto nos lo hubieramos ahorrado si no te hubiera conocido, almenos me doleria menos escribir esto. si decides alejarte de mi espero que entierres nuestra promesa lejos de donde lo pueda tocar..

pense que yo era tuya y tu eras mio, tu mismo lo dijiste y ahora solo es un recuerdo y una mas de tus frases que usas casualmente. maldita sea mi inosencia que alguna vez tube y que no me dejo ver la verdad en ti. vete, olvidate de mi, se feliz y vive.

November 5, 2011

I love videos like this

Here’s my interpretation 

(after reading the translation of the lyrics)

the video is about the sophisticated chick mostly because blind girl  is the representation of her young/stupid  self that she once was.  the song is about how she feels realizing how blind she is which is also the moment she doesn’t want to take her makeup off because she tried really hard to look good for the guy who she loves. Wearing her most beautiful makeup doesn’t work doesn’t make her forget about the guy who she loves it only hurts her more to know that.

In the video we see this the blind girl is trying to get close to the guy and the guy don’t really care.  the sophisticated chick feels disgusted at the blind girl so she tries to kill her because she feels disgusted at the fact that, that’s her. (if all this makes sense to you  please continue reading) the sophisticated chick only watches them through out the whole video until she tries to kill the blind girl. 

so where did i get all this from? 

first I watched the video like 4 times, then I searched for subs and read the translation. 

The blind girl: wears white= innocence  she’s young=childishness  she’s blind=love makes her blind

she hugs the sophisticated chick at the beginning= she’s close to her which drove me to the conclusion that she’s the younger version of the sophisticated chick

The blind girl does try hard to get close to the Guy because she puts make up on although not the best makeup but she tries even though she’s blind and yes the guy doesn’t even care;  he never speaks to her or tries to notice her til about  the end that he tries to go into the restroom but that’s too late. 

also I thought it was interesting how the guy is the one who fills the tub up w/ water as if he had set up a trap for the sophisticated lady to kill the blind girl and also because he didn’t try to stop the sophisticated lady when they went into the restroom… 

The Sophisticated Chick

wears fancy clothing and heels, wears pretty makeup= she’s grown up/ sophisticated

watches them from afar= she’s kind of not really really there but she is … kind of confused but i believe that the moment at which she begins to realize she is being blinded by love is when she is in the bed w/ the guy  and sees the blind girl touching the guy. later in the video u see that she’s just watching the guy from afar under the red light giving me the sense that she thought she was close to the guy but she really wasn’t also because the blind girl is seen to be in the other room next door and the door is shut.

i’m pretty sure that the song is written from her perspective. the song talks about  her wearing pretty makeup and the guy not caring. (which she sees through what  the blind girl does)… 

she’s watching them through out the video (did i say this already?)… 

The video begins at the moment where already had tried to kill the blind girl meaning that probably the song is about that moment

the moment she realizes she’s been stupid the whole time and it hurts to realize it because she really loves the guy.  this goes in hand to the fact that the song is called cleansing cream, and it hurts for her to take her makeup off….she’s trying to kill the blind girl probably because she wished that she never had been like that or else she wouldn’t be hurting now.  

those are my conclusions although at first I had thought that the blind girl was in love w/ her sister’s husband. LOL


this seems enough to say for  now  it’s late and I must sleep T_T… 

October 26, 2011



lol I’ve been here for some months now in Mexico and i’ve noticed that people sell them everywhere. Now u might think all they do is put hot sauce, salt and lemon on them, BUT NO~! the combinations are endless lol they have at least 3 different kinds of sauces and different kinds of chili powders. Either way THEY ARE GOOOD ^^ . Try them when u get the chance and pick a combination that u think u may like^^.

October 24, 2011

Tablo he is still the same, AMAZING. 

I dreamed one day that Epik High would be part of YG family and Him being part of YG now, it just makes it closer to my dream.  Tablo is another great complement to YG. I LOVE IT.  YG I’ve always loved you, you always make me smile. 

Awhwwh… this song is amazingly deep. Tablo thanks for being awesome^^